stop-motion animation // shot at a scholarship (!!)

Hey y'all! Just wanted to share this video (the fruit of MANY HOURS of labour and squats and keeping the light on waaaay past my roomie's bed-time!) I made for a $2000 Facing Acne scholarship application! It was done with a white board command-stripped to my door, colored dry erase markers, my roomie's SUPER ULTRA FAB DSLR, my hands, a rap I wrote, and the amazing beat I found online on a looping site! All of this... in order to answer these questions:

//How has the Internet changed the way you take care of your health?

//What future developments do you hope to see in the use of the Internet as a tool for maintaining and improving your health?

This was so exhausting to make but so, so worth it because I learned so much about the whole painstaking process! I hope you all enjoy watching!


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