daily doodle #7 // word art with Goethe

Hey guys! I know I've been off the grid-- everything is happening at once so let's just get to the doodle! Found this in one of the books I read recently and I think it's a great reminder that surrounding ourselves in what we're comfortable with, what we're familiar with, what we agree with, is not always the best idea. Contradiction is interesting. Contradiction provokes deeper thought. Contradiction challenges old ideas and pushes us to step outside of ourselves to better make sense of something that maybe didn't make that much sense before.

As I think about all the news information flooding in and the ever-more personalized "filter bubbles" that are our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, it's nice to be reminded (by a fabulous German visionary/writer/thinker and no I'm not biased) that we are called to question, to put ripples in seemingly traditional waters and essentially, be productive in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Have a great week!

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