100 cards in 100 days // DAY 23: get well soon !!

Hey y'all! So one of the guys that is a frequent customer where I work just had some medical work done on his lungs and I made this with him in mind-- I had hoped to give it to one of his friends to pass on to him but before I knew it, he was at the restaurant again as if nothing had happened. -__- 
Ah well. It's the thought that counts, right? Loved just doing the 3D on this one and of course, zen triangles cuz they're SUPER relaxing to do! [should I do a how-to vid...? they're super simple...? Comment with suggestions for how-to vids??] oof the "soon" is so chubby-- chubbier than I'd like but ah well!

White + brown cardstock, sharpie, felt pen, tape

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