100 cards in 100 days // DAY 24: apologies

[...do they even make cards for "sorry"? *makes mental note to explore Hallmark for apology cards*]

This one came to mind just over the past week, where it felt like everything was coming down at once, and dealing with everything meant cutting some corners, stating the true opinion, and drawing lines.

FACT: You can never be everything to everybody.
FACT: There is such thing as emotional/sympathetic exhaustion
FACT: It is completely possible to be frozen by conflict, internal or external.

Even if the word feels hollow, say it anyways and do your best to make amends. Then wake up the next morning, fix what you need to, and move on. Or give someone this card. Ha.

PS: this could also count as a "sorry I'm so frigging behind on these posts" post. 😥

beige + white card stock, coloured pencil, marker, felt pen

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