100 cards in 100 days // DAY 82: "random acts of kindness...senseless acts of beauty"

Hey guys! Happy Monday! So as you can see I'm now mildly addicted to the lavender card stock.... (-: I love how it works with the gold though! In terms of this quote...story time! So in the summer before my senior year, I attended Governor's School, which was just a 3 week program for a multitude of disciplines-- I happened to be interested/accepted into the German Governor's school program, a 3 week long full immersion program in southern VA in the German language experience. Just this past summer, a couple of gov school friends and I went down to do a bit of a reunion, and I remember seeing this bumper sticker on a car parked at the university we were visiting with the words I've put here below. I thought the words were gorgeous so here I am, and here this piece is!

White + lavender card stock, black construction paper, ZIG pen, gold paint sharpie, glue/tape

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