100 cards in 100 days // DAY 91: fear not, flock

Read a verse today in a bible study this morning on the first morning of retreat for our campus ministry. We talk so much about servanthood, and how we should do for others but quite honestly, as I keep discovering, part of our calling is also to accept the servitude of others. We are members of the God's flock. No matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe, we're graced with the gift of love and sometimes all we need to do is accept the invitation to and the hospitality of the kingdom of heaven. This is not to say that we're entitled to everything without any responsibility or faith tied to it. Just sometimes, perhaps, we should step back and, like we love each other, let ourselves be loved. 

Just a reminder that y'all are loved and, no matter what, welcome. 

cardstock, sharpie, glue, the bible 

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