Hi! I'm Stephanie. 

I will design things [a personalized card/flyer/social media graphic/other] for you!

So you can...

  • please your friends and family with a hand-made, non-Hallmark gimmicky card
  • elevate your paper [or digital!] marketing with attractive design
  • improve your blog/website's aesthetic with a catchy, sleek design that's current and low-key hipster-edgy [what all the youngsters are looking for these days!]
  • improve your social media following with another aesthetic, catchy little square post. 
  • save the hassle of shipping/delivery [I got you covered!]
  • grant me the gift of experience and funds to finish paying my way through school. [It's a win-win!]

A bit about me:

  •  very professional and self-motivated, will work in your desired timeframe [nights, weekends, your vacation! We can discuss.]
  • social media manager for a local real estate team based in Loudoun county
  • virtual personal assistant/social media manager for a start-up beauty agency
  •  media arts and design major at James Madison University; Junior
  • part of the media production team at James Madison University
  • skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, iMovie, Canva, WordPress, Blogger and more
  • speaker of almost-fluent German [:
  • freelance crafter/designer and avid coffee-drinker

What else can I do for you?

  • logo design
  • Facebook ads
  • re-vamp your resume [you bring your expertise, I bring the design. Just some minimal, thematic added flair that conveys your personality in a visually-pleasing way!]
  • t-shirt design [perfect for your next family vacation, office event, march on Washington, etc.]
  • infographics [because some of us are just visual learners!] 
  • witty [but not too witty, come on now] copy
  • help you start your WordPress site
  • teach you how to use platforms like Canva
  • teach you how to use Google products (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Gmail, Hangouts, etc.)

Want help?

This half-way through college aspiring solopreneur and graphic designer is ready to help you out. Use this contact form to reach me!
**Pricing varies per project/hours so please shoot me an email. PayPal/Venmo is welcome!

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